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Miami… Nice to see you again at the Boat Show

Warm welcome

From Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 February Vanquish will be giving a very warm welcome to all visitors to the Miami Boat Show. This year we’ll have the stunning VQ40 and the versatile VQ52 on display.


Set course

Maybe you’ve seen one of our driver’s boats roar past you in the water and want to know what all the fuss is about. 

Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about how you might invest in your pleasure by building a custom VQ for yourself?

Either way, set course for the Vanquish stands at C158 and C159 for a drink, a chat and the chance to take an exclusive tour of one or more of our yachts. You can also pick up a free copy of the latest edition of Vanquish Lifestyle Magazine.


Stands out

There’s certainly a great deal to talk about in Miami as the Vanquish brand continues to boon in the United States. Like the VQ45 that started the VQ revolution worldwide, the VQ58 has become a real best-seller over the past couple of years. Bored with conventional boats, many people have embraced this bullish but elegant motoryacht that truly stands out from the crowd in this size range. You can read more about this very popular boat here.


VQ115: 50+ knots

Another exciting development that we’d love to tell you more about in Miami is the launch model for the VQ115. Production is well under way at our state-of-the-art new yard in Holland for what will likely be the fastest 115-footer in the world. She’s a fantastic example of the custom approach Vanquish offers you in aluminium and with a top speed of over 50 knots the VQ115 is going to take the powerboat world by storm when launched this summer.


VQ40 and VQ55

Another success story to talk about in Miami is the opportunities we’re are offering you to order a composite boat. The first VQ40 was launched in 2019 and we’ve sold many of these composite VQs since then to fast decision-makers who don’t require the same degree of customisation as the aluminium yachts. 

Demand has grown for a larger model and the VQ55 composite is the result. Available with both outboard and inboard engines, you could already be having fantastic fun on the water in early 2023 if you ordered one soon. 


Aluminium or composite, in all kinds of size and power, let’s explore what our VQ might look like together over a coffee or beer in Miami. See you there…

Tom Steentjes

Drive your new VQ yacht this summer.

Last year we started construction of various yachts in a range of sizes to cater to clients who don’t want to spend a long time waiting for their new toy to be finished.

Although a number of these yachts have now been sold, there is still one VQ48 and three VQ43 Mk2s looking for a new owner this summer.

Would you like to be sailing a brand-new VQ yacht this summer? Contact one of our dealers for more information or to make an appointment. Click here for our VQ Yachts dealers. 

Smart viewing: new VQ Yachts website

Things move very fast on the internet. To ensure optimal information and accessibility for VQ Yachts and present our range in the best way possible, we have developed a new website. The previous one, designed in 2015, had very quickly become suboptimal as the brand and its range grew rapidly. Its new incarnation keeps the winning design while upgrading the entire infrastructure. The pages and videos now load very quickly and the underlying technology is state of the art.

Interview with owner of VQ52 Custom Coco Loco

vanquish VQ52 coco loco on the sea side view

A highly experienced sailor with more than 35 years of boating under his belt, Peter Hen knew exactly what he was looking for when he went to Boot Düsseldorf in 2020. But after…

… the brand he had in mind couldn’t meet his specs, it was the legendary flexibility of Vanquish that rose to the challenge. The fabulous result, launched in June 2021, is the bespoke VQ52 Coco Loco

It’s not just the characteristic VQ lines that make Coco Loco instantly recognisable when she sails into her home port in Ibiza. While her bright orange livery might make observers presume that a Dutch celeb is in town, it’s actually a German at the helm. And the bright colours chosen by Peter were one of many completely custom wishes that have been met in serious style by Vanquish.

vanquish VQ52 coco loco deck view with people talking around the table

Impossible demands?

Before we look at these requests in more detail, let’s go back in time to January 2020 and the giant exhibition halls of the Messe Düsseldorf Hall. Peter Hen is making a beeline for a specific stand where he hopes to order his first new motorboat in a decade (his previous one was bright yellow in case you were wondering). Having seen an example of this particular brand on the water in the Balearics he was hoping that the yard could build him a boutique version in the 52-foot size that would fit perfectly in Peter’s berth in Ibiza.

“I told the salesmen at the stand that I liked their boat but needed to fit bigger engines and surface drives than the standard specs allowed. To my surprise and disappointment, I was informed that the engines had to be the same as in the catalogue, with no room for change. Seeing that our discussion was at an end, I turned to the next stand which was occupied by a brand that was a new name to me.”

vanquish VQ52 coco loco on the sea front-side view

Yes we can

“I loved the looks though of the models Vanquish Yachts had on display so I went up to the sales rep and asked the same question. ‘Can you build me a 52-footer with 1000 hp Volvo D13 engines plus surface drives?’ ‘Let me call the VQ engineers’, came the response. Ten minutes later I had the green light and, with the images of another VQ52 in front of us, we took the conversation further. 

“I want a T-Top version but can you move the legs outside the hull so I can use the total beam and create more space?’. ‘And as my arms are not as strong as they used to be, can you install a winch on the foredeck in place of the usual seating area, making sure it’s comfortable to stand there and use? Oh, and I only want one sleeping cabin as my wife and I only go away together for the weekend at most, so can you adapt the layout, giving extra space for the engines?’

“The affirmative answer to all these questions and the way Vanquish optimises the assets of aluminium to build bespoke boats gave me great confidence and we went ahead. It was the start of a fun boatbuilding adventure that saw me visit the yard in the Netherlands on many occasions. And the customisation of Coco Loco continued apace as new ideas arose. We optimised the entrance to the engine room, for instance, in order to make it easy for me to access. We added a special hatch in the deck so that the engines could be checked and cooler refilled when required. And then there were the engine room fittings in stainless steel…You don’t get more personalised than that.”

vanquish VQ52 coco loco on the sea side view

Perfect fit

There are very few yards in the world that could have dealt with this latter request for an owner looking to exclusively use stainless steel couplings and connections made by his own company in an engine room of this sophistication. The Vanquish facility received a large pallet of fittings and installed each and every one to perfection.

“Vanquish is an innovative and super-flexible yard that builds the boat which a client actually wants,” confirms Peter. “This non-traditional thinking has resulted in a custom powerboat that makes everyone stop and stare each time we come into a marina. What’s more, this VQ52 has an amazing performance at sea at all speeds and in all conditions. The special shape of the hull keeps us extremely dry and we always feel completely safe.” 

Delivered in June 2021 and named after a new restaurant and cocktail bar in Santa Eularia opened by Peter’s wife Jessica, Coco Loco is berthed in a prime location close to the Vanquish Ibiza office. Come see for yourself next time you’re on the island… 

Service Engineers to help expand Vanquish US

The decision in 2019 to make the crossing to Fort Lauderdale with Vanquish Yachts has proven the right one. Vanquish sport boats are especially popular in Florida and on Long Island around Sag Harbor, and our reputation continues to grow at a fast pace.

vanquish employee working on mechanics of a yacht

30 yachts delivered

A fleet of around 30 yachts have now been delivered to highly satisfied owners, mainly involving variations on the VQ40 Sports Line, VQ45 and VQ58. To ensure Vanquish clients the best after-sales support we offer a bespoke service aimed at resolving problems quickly and effectively. 

vanquish yachts 5 side by side

Looking for talented service engineers

We are therefore looking for talented and dedicated service engineers who would like to play their part in the ongoing Vanquish success story in the US. Experienced service engineers with a sense of adventure can contact us directly by emailing 

vanquish sided view yacht navigating on the sea


VQ Yachts & Edminston team up on Monaco Yacht Show

It was great to see the new VQ48 being used by Edmiston & Company during last week’s Monaco Yacht Show. The leading brokerage house took clients and prospects out to the various yachts they had on display while the VQ48 gained lots of new admirers from show visitors. The Edmiston brand name was clearly visible on the sides of the VQ48 and everyone involved agreed that the arrangement was a great success.

The company chose the VQ48 because of its ability to comfortably carry 19 passengers without any risk of spray, an important prerequisite for the Edmiston clientele. The VQ48 was also deployed to collect guests from their yacht or waterside villa in and around Monaco. Click here for a short video impression of the Monaco show.

NEW in composite: VQ55 Sports Line

The first orders are in for a thrilling new development in composite. A textbook case of demand driving supply, the VQ55 Sports Line is for clients who value speed

…of build above customisation. Like the VQ40 Sports Line, there’s also no compromise in terms of performance and design. And the Veloce version of the VQ55 Sports Line is set to be the fastest lifestyle sport yacht on the market.

The name Sports Line may not be familiar to all our readers and with good reason. This new term for all our composite boats was first unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September.

The core of the Vanquish success story to date has revolved around the phenomenal flexibility and agility offered by aluminium. We introduced a VQ40 Sports Line in composite last year for those clients who are looking for convenience above customisation, and the success has been such that we swiftly started receiving requests from the market for a larger VQ in compositevanquish VQ55 bentley blue back-side view

Time travel

Some people see a Vanquish on the water and want one for themselves sooner rather than later. They don’t want to wait between 1.5 and 2 years before taking delivery of their own aluminium VQ nor do they require personal changes to the exterior. The Vanquish vibe in terms of irreplaceable design and comfort are of course non-negotiable but when building in composite we can reduce the build time by about half while still giving good personal choices in areas such as interior upholstery and on-deck style.

Designer Guido de Groot and our engineers went to work on stretching the VQ40 to a VQ55 Sports Line, devising a sensational centre-console boat. Twin 1200 horsepower diesels with waterjets will have you riding the waves at 55+ plus knots and you’ll also be able to head into very shallow waters and beach up on the sand. Incidentally, waterjets are also known to be safest propulsion system for swimmers.

The Vanquish developers are also creating a stepped hull outboard version which we are developing mainly for the US and Middle East markets. This will open up the potential for a Veloce model and with four or five Mercury V12 600hp outboard engines your speed will be over 70 knots! There’s no other lifestyle sports yacht of this size available that can go so fast.

va,quish VQ53 bentley blue front-side view

Space master

Regardless of their propulsion choices, every VQ55 Sports Line owner will enjoy the enhanced interior space compared to the VQ40 and an even higher level of comfort as well as a longer range. There will be two spacious cabins so that four people can zoom off for the weekend or longer, with a smart on-deck galley complete with fridge, sink and wine cooler. 

The response from the market to this latest innovation has been very pleasing and the first orders are in the book from clients looking to up the Vanquish ante in composite form. Production has already started on several models and the 2023 sailing season will open up in VQ55 Sports Line style.

Swimming platform

One of our customers was particularly impressed by the design of our VQ46 Dual Console with three outboard engines unveiled at the beginning of 2016. However, he preferred the aft section of the VQ48, because he loved its aesthetic and felt that the outboard engines on the VQ46 DC were taking up too much space.

The client also wanted to have a large swimming platform for maximum enjoyment of his yacht. Since VQ Yachts makes fully bespoke yachts, we were able to meet these requirements entirely to the new owner’s satisfaction.

To give enough space to the specially designed swimming platform and twin 370 hp inboard Yanmar diesels now replacing the three outboard engines, the VQ46 DC has been extended into the all-new VQ48 DC. You can check out a video showing the hull construction work here.

The new design offers many advantages for the new owner. The VQ48 DC will be frequently used for day excursions, both fishing trips with friends and fun at sea with the family. This means there will be a lot of getting in and out of the water with gear and without, making security an absolute priority.

New Dual Console

This new Dual Console boat is particularly well suited for a day out with friends and family – whether snorkelling, diving, wakeboarding or sport fishing – as well as cosy socialising with up to 18 people on board. There is lots of storage space for fenders, diving gear and sport fishing supplies, as well as Seabobs and wakeboards. Genuine comfort can be found in the cabin with combined toilet/shower and there is a berth in the forepeak for two adults.

The deck contains a spacious galley, two fridges and super comfy sofas with tables. A wide walkaround deck improves accessibility for everyone on board. To ensure maximum comfort on deck throughout the day, a protective T-top sunroof can be extended both forward and aft with sun awnings over carbon tubes.

The underwater section of the vessel mirrors that of the VQ48, which has been praised for its comfort & manoeuvrability and produces very little spray. In short, this new model is a real Dual Console with all the benefits of a true VQ yacht!

Special edition of VQ32

VQ Yachts is building a truly unique VQ32 for the 58-metre superyacht Unbridled. This version of the new VQ32 has been fully adapted to the dimensions of the tender garage and the lifting capacity of the on board crane. To limit the height of the unique VQ32 Special in the garage we have designed a windshield that can be folded up and down. The tender will also be fitted with various features that makes boarding from alongside or aft of the yacht easier and quicker.

The VQ32 Special is designed to transport people between yacht and shore, and specifically to take them to diving locations in complete comfort. To facilitate divers, there will be lots of room to move around and a wealth of storage included in the layout. Omitting a cabin or head frees up space for 15 passengers seated or lounging. A deck shower for rinsing off in warm water is included.

The Special would not be a true VQ yacht without classic VQ characteristics such as the high speed and excellent manoeuvrability provided by twin V6 260 hp diesel engines. A joystick enhances the mooring and manoeuvring comfort of a boat with a top speed of up to 42 knots. The VQ32 Special will be delivered this year and we’ll keep you updated on the build.