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At your service: Major expansion in the US

As sales of Vanquish boats boom Stateside we’re increasing our operations with additional support in Sag Harbour and new facilities in Fort Lauderdale.

The ultimate goal of these additional activities is to offer fast and comprehensive support that enables our clients to enjoy their Vanquish to the max. Crucially, reflecting our conviction that service is a mindset not an action, we‘re arranging everything ourselves rather than outsourcing.

New sales office in the popular Las Olas area of Fort Lauderdale

Ensuring that any parts required for yachts are swiftly available is of course the epitome of good service. That’s why Vanquish has opened a brand-new centrally located warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, which is also used to safely store our service vehicles indoors.

We’ve also opened a great new sales office in the popular Las Olas area of Fort Lauderdale. With berths out front, this is an ideal spot to present our yachts to potential owners and thousands of passers-by. With the outlet to the ocean nearby, the office allows us to welcome clients in style and take them out on sea trials.

Looking northwards we have decided to provide our clients in Sag Harbour and surroundings with fulltime support in the summer months. Two skilled Vanquish service engineers will be in place from 1 May to the end of October.

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