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New look at cushion design

Since VQ Yachts is always on the lookout for improvements and aims to stay at the forefront of design, quality, comfort and sailing characteristics, we have given a fresh look to the comfort and the shape of the cushions onboard VQ yachts.

The shape and design of the cushions are highly visible and make a significant contribution to the appearance of each VQ yacht, just like the general choice of materials and colours. We have therefore signed a contract to create new cushions which would do justice to the overall VQ Yachts design language and make a harmonious whole with the product design of all VQ yachts. The design brief also called for cushions that invite guests to sit or lie down, with rounded shapes that are pleasing to the eye of as many passengers as possible – knowing that VQ yachts often welcome more than 15 at a time.

Working together with experts, we came up with several new 3D designs. One will soon be selected and fitted on all new VQ yachts. Each of the candidates focuses especially on sitting and lying comfort, but the designers were also invited to come up with distinctive forms and concepts. The resulting innovative design language will ensure that the cushions are unique and represent the perfect match for the VQ Yachts style. The recently delivered VQ43 Mk2 SAL is currently blazing a trail in Ibiza for the unique new look.

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