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New space for more growth

VQ Yachts has grown significantly over the past two years. Our models have been noticed by the right audience, resulting in a well-filled order book. To ensure quality and efficiency, we decided in late 2016 to move to a new yard in Steenwijk.

As you can see in this video, VQ Yachts’ new site is in an easily accessible place where the brand can take root and continue to build on our reputation. The yard provides enough space for the simultaneous construction of eight VQ yachts and is organised in a very efficient manner. Its direct location on the Ossenzijl-Steenwijk Canal and private moorings mean that boats can easily be taken out for test runs and trials. Furthermore, the site features all the facilities required for a modern yard.

The new address is VQ Yachts, Koematen 54A, 8331 TH Steenwijk, the Netherlands. Come by and pay us a visit!

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