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New VQ40 making waves ahead of launch

Despite still being at the production stage, the seriously sensational VQ40 is already a big hit with potential buyers. Those who have seen this brand-new day boat…

… were absolutely thrilled, with several placing an order on the spot. Watch the electrifying teaser video here and you’ll soon see why.

Dutch artisanship

The awe-inspiring VQ40 is a flawless fusion of unrivalled Dutch artisanship, Guido de Groot’s compelling exterior profile and a stepped hull designed by the award-winning naval architects at Bakewell-White Yacht Design, specialists in high-performance hulls from New Zealand. This will offer easy cornering, fast acceleration and considerable comfort even at the highest speeds. And the overall result of these joint efforts will be an exceptional driver’s boat for men who love powerful cars.

Responding to a strong demand for VQ yachts under 45 feet, the new VQ40 will be built in sturdy, high-quality composite. In doing so we’re leveraging on our experience with the super successful VQ16 water scooter. Using composite instead of aluminium shortens the build time and will help the VQ40 further raise our brand’s global profile.

Inboards and outboards

A key consideration in developing the VQ40 was the different types of people who love the VQ Yachts look & feel. This new model is incredibly multifunctional even by our standards of owner-driven-thinking, equally suitable for families enjoying cruising and 12 excited mates escaping for a diving & fishing trip. Whoever is onboard, the cooling shade from the T-top makes longer trips a pleasure.

The same degree of versatility applies to the engines as we offer the Mercury Verado range for the outboards and Volvo diesels for the inboard. Your outboard options for the Mercury Verado include twin 225 hp (top speed of 35 knots), triple 350 hp (up to 51 knots) and triple 400 hp for the Veloce model (boosting the maximum speed to over 54 knots). The choice for the inboard propulsion setup is between twin 320 hp Volvo D4 engines with DPI drives (delivering a max speed of up to 40 knots) and twin 440 hp Volvo D6 engines (46 knots).

Regardless of which system you ultimately choose, owners can count on feeling the thrill of unparalleled power when they climb in the driver’s seat. Click here for lots more information and pictures.


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