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Order for all-new VQ70

New orders received for first VQ70s

We are delighted and proud to have receive the first orders for the VQ70 T Top. The design of this fabulous day boat is unmistakably Vanquish, and naturally…. 

it will have all the properties that make Vanquish driver’s boats stand out: speed, comfort, lots of outdoor space, an iconic design and a top-notch performance.


Every aluminium Vanquish yacht can be fully adapted to the wishes of our demanding clients. This includes our VQ70 models, which even offer a choice between various engines and propulsion systems. Whatever you go for, your Vanquish will always be able to achieve a speed of 40 knots. Add surface drives and the right engine setup to the mix and 60 knots comes within reach.

The first owners of a VQ70 are from Florida and will regularly be sailing the waters around Miami and the Bahamas. We are seeing a clear trend toward larger day boats/weekenders with lots of outdoor space for eating, lounging, partying and whatever else comes to mind.

Also available as a hard top model, the VQ70 offers seating and sunbeds for 18 people. Another major highlight are the two garages where you can house tenders, jet skis, wave boards, paddle boards, seabobs, diving gear, inflatables and more. In addition, the VQ70 is perfect for spending a weekend away with family or friends, with the option to have three or four cabins onboard.


Length overall:
21.45 m/70.3 ft
5.4 m/17.8 ft
1.5 m/ .76 ft  (depending on engines )
Fresh water capacity:
600 litres / 158 US gallons
Wastewater system:
170 litres / 43 US gallons
Speed max:
Estimated  43 knots with 3 x Volvo IPS1350 s
50 knots with 2 x Man 2000 hp and water jets

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