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See the Vanqraft 16 fun machine in action

The party island of Ibiza will welcome a groovy new addition to its growing VQ Yachts fleet on June 12 as we deliver the first example of the awesome Vanqraft 16. This tremendous crossover between a water scooter and yacht tender can take up to five passengers on the ride of a lifetime. The Vanqraft 16 showcases the radical and distinctive looks that are the VQ Yachts hallmark, is incredibly agile and easy to maneuver and far more comfortable than ‘normal’ water scooters. What’s more, its 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion offers speeds of 40 knots.

Because this product is a genuinely unique innovation, the first time the first Vanqraft 16 hit the water was a very exciting moment. As you can see in the video here, we put the fun machine through her paces and she exceeded even our high expectations.

If you’d like to experience the ultimate in acceleration while still feeling safe, we’re offering all the custom options you can imagine to make the scooter your own. You can even opt for a Veloce version, ratchet up the revs and speed off at 50 knots. The Vanqraft 16 also sails in reverse and, with her jet drive built flat into the hull, easily fits into a tender garage.

Where would you take your Vanqraft 16?

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