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Studio Delta: Engineering the famous VQ Yachts hull

While VQ yachts define themselves in port by their striking lines, clients have testified to their performance and handling on the water. Studio Delta and VQ Yachts truly found each other in the development of these yachts, which combine advanced engineering and thorough development into optimal speed and safety. This article highlights what goes on behind the scenes.

In addition to the design, VQ yachts distinguish themselves through their naval architecture and engineering. While the hulls are designed primarily to enable a speed of over 50 knots, we are aware that comfort is equally important to the crew and guests.

Much effort has been put into the seagoing motions of VQ Yachts. Smooth running and dry sailing demand a proper running trim and a bottom treatment that includes a sharp bow, significant spray rails in the sides as well as four secondary spray rails on the bottom surface (see below).
“We aim for several different results,” says Studio Delta’s Menno van Dijk. “The spray rails in the water reduce the wetted surface and thus the drag of the hull which improves the speed potential. The spray rails above the waterline deflect the spray which is kicked up at speed for the VQ Yachts’ signature dry ride.”

The hull characteristics also have their benefits when at anchor for lunch or a dip. The sharp bow reduces pitching as a result of the incoming waves on the bow, while the deeply immersed main spray rails help reduce the rolling of the yacht. In other words, while the yachts are seriously fast in action, they also allow you to take it slow at anchor.

“The propulsion systems we select always combine speed and manoeuvrability with the dedicated high-speed steering propeller systems installed. This ensures a much more direct response to steering compared to shaft drives and rudders.”

“Speed puts serious pressure on the vessel’s structure. This is why they are made in a high-end hand-built aluminium construction which outperforms FRP constructions in terms of strength and stiffness. And that’s not just our opinion: we are pleased to say it has been confirmed by many people who have joined us on a test drive. All in all, we look equally closely at your enjoyment, comfort and your safety on board.”


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