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Vanquish sales increase continues

The year 2019 was a good one for Vanquish. The newly developed VQ58 was welcomed by a whole new audience of admirers, and Vanquish fans have continued to be very enthusiastic about our full range of models. Year-on-year figures show that 2019 outperformed 2018 in terms of boats sold and turnover, with a healthy balance sheet.

What’s more, we have now reached our production maximum for 2020 and are already planning deliveries for 2021. Writing this on 12 April, the coronavirus does not seem to be having a negative impact on sales, strengthening our conviction that Vanquish Yachts has gained a lot of trust and solid reputation both as a brand and a builder in a relatively short time.

One area of the world where sales are booming is the United States, with the VQ11, VQ16, VQ40, VQ45, VQ50 Mk2 and VQ58 all finding new owners across the pond. There is a clear niche for non-mainstream brands like Vanquish in the States and the rise to prominence can also be attributed to the way our branches in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New York offer clients all they need to make owning a Vanquish an easy decision.

This new service centre boasts first-rate equipment and technical & management personnel of the highest calibre. Available services include full yacht management, cleaning and making sure boats are always ready to go with a full diesel tank and well-stocked fridge. The VQ team can provide support and assistance at all times, with two service cars available to drive out and help clients in the area at a moment’s notice.

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