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VQ Yachts Porter

We have attempted to translate the manoeuvrability and user-friendliness of the Vanqraft to dry land by commissioning the  Guido de Groot Design Team to develop a trailer for transporting the VQ16 ov.

Built entirely in aluminium, every aspect of the Vanqraft Porter was custom designed by Guido de Groot’s expert team in true VQ Yachts style. As a result, its appearance is perfectly in tune with our yachts, and therefore perfectly aligned to your VQ16.

As you would expect from VQ Yachts, the Porter can be fully customised and we will be happy to ensure it seamlessly matches your VQ16. If you wish, we can even provide matching rims for your car.

Tyre size:195/70′
Length:6 meters
Width:2.3 meters
Weight:500 kg
Carrying capacity:900 kg
Easily removable tail lights

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