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Rave reviews for VQ52 T-Top on Ibiza

The first VQ52 T-Top has landed in Ibiza and this custom-built version is bringing a breath of fresh air to the Balearics. As well as being a delight for the owners. This fabulous new member of the Vanquish fleet is also available for chartering, giving more people the chance to experience VQ power and entertainment for themselves. The owner had already had a great time on his previous Vanquish and has now gone larger on a yacht that also has a completely bespoke Italian-style interior with some of the most beautiful stitching and finishing you will ever see on a yacht this size.

 Leveraging on the flexibility offered by building in aluminium – and the ingenious construction talent on hand at the VQ yard in the Netherlands – the yacht has been given an extended foredeck which is now home to a large U-shaped seating area. Her slim and sporty appearance has already won a host of admirers in and around Ibiza as the VQ52 T-Top roars through the water making the most of her twin 600 hp Cummins engines with Pod drives and joystick controls.

HOT, T-Top, Hard-Top and Open

We currently have four other VQ52s in production for clients:

  • A Hard-Top with 2x Volvo IPS 800s that will cruise on Lake Geneva.
  • A Hard-Top with 2x Volvo D13 1000 hp and surface drives, which will be heading for Ibiza.
  • A second T-Top with 2x Volvo IPS 950 engines that is bound for the United States.
  • The first HOT (half-open-top) model. Due for delivery to Ibiza in May 2021, two 1000 hp Volvo D13 engines and surface drives will be combined with a Petestep planing hull.

Current models

The VQ52 is also available in an open version. The first VQ52 Custom T-Top only has one cabin as the client wanted his boat to have a low side profile. The other models to date have a higher side profile and space for two cabins that accommodate a total of four people plus a window.

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