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Upgrading the VQ45 with a custom interior

Most VQ45 owners have been busy primarily with the performance of their boat and the superb on-deck facilities. But the wide array of possibilities for creating a custom interior are now gaining attention as people look to add a style, layout and facilities to meet every personal preference. The VQ45 is the ultimate dayboat and for many owners the ‘standard’ Vanquish interior – which is of course already at a high level of finish and comfort – is more than enoughHowever, we are expecting quite a few future clients to follow the example shown in these images by an owner who has chosen to upgrade his interior in a beautifully bespoke way.

A wealth of features

Partnering with Mark Tucker and the Design Unlimited crew in London, we have incorporated a wide range of first-class fabrics and finishes in a marvellous monochrome colour palette. A more luxurious ambience is generated by the use of high-end materials such as leather and marble. And the interior also includes a wealth of features, ranging from a 100-litre fridge to recessed storage pockets, from full-height wardrobes to a vivacious vanity unit. Last but certainly not least, an extra wall has been placed between the galley and the owner’s suite.

If you are impressed with what you see and inspired to customise the interior styling of your future VQ45 – or of course any other VQ model larger than this – we look forward to hearing your ideas! We can also change the layout to meet your specific sports cruiser requirements, such as creating a larger bathroom or switching the galley for a different use.


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