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The new VQ60 open or

After requests from two prospects we have started with the further development of the VQ60. The concept behind this model is in essence the same as with every other VQ yacht: a customised aluminium drivers’ boat with exceptional manoeuvrability and the level of comfort expected by the most demanding individuals.

The real difference with, for example, the VQ48 is found below deck. Here a choice can be made for three comfortable cabins which can sleep six guests, plus two bathrooms and a galley. This makes the VQ60 eminently suitable for longer excursions with a larger party.


The size of the yacht also translates into more space on the deck itself and here too there are various different layouts we could discuss. Moreover, as is the case with the VQ50, you have a choice between an open and closed model. The open version comes with an enormous sundeck which will allow you to enjoy the actual sailing experience to the max. Click here to see the different layout options.


For those who attach greater importance to maximising sleeping comfort, a layout has been created which offers an enormous amount of space within the interior, including one giant suite. Such an arrangement reinforces the fact that – by building our boats in aluminium – we can make pretty much any desire of the owners come true.

The VQ60 also offers possibilities for a two-man crew or for a garage in which to house the spectacular VQ16. Various options are also available in terms of propulsion. The standard version is certainly no slowcoach with its top speed in excess of 40 knots. Go for the Veloce version and you’ll be leaving most other boats in your wake as you speed along at 55+ knots. Click here for further technical information.

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