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Vanqraft VQ16 Fun Machine

After 1.5 years of development and many test runs, the first VQ16s have been delivered to their owners. Designed by Guido de Groot Design, the ‘fun machine’ has already received enthusiastic feedback. And no wonder, as the VQ16 offers the best of both worlds: it can bring five passengers over long distances in relative comfort, can be used to transport people from their yacht to a beach club (as it is easily stored in a tender garage), and can comfortably drop people off at a beach thanks to its jet propulsion and draft of only 0.20 m/0.66 ft.

Ibiza June 2017

Family feel

The Vanqraft is clearly recognisable as the smaller sister of other VQ yachts, featuring similar lines, superior manoeuvrability, sensational acceleration and Dutch quality construction.

As a tender, the VQ16 is practically unparalleled thanks to its top speed of 40 knots, or even 50 knots in the Veloce model. Since all these ingredients guarantee an exceptional level of fun, we have nicknamed the VQ16 the ‘fun machine’. Watch the video to see why.

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