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Vanquish owners meet in Sag Harbor

vanquish event with people meeting around tables

Sag Harbor has become a true Vanquish marina, with many of our demanding clients in that part of the world having bought a VQ boat in recent years. Nearly the entire…

… range of Vanquish yachts is showcased here, from the VQ40 Sports Line, VQ45 and VQ50 to the VQ58. With this in mind we recently organised a special event for clients at the locally renowned Duryea’s Point. Set in a large marina with sweeping views of Gardiners Bay, the club and restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and its own private beach. 

vanquish boats parked in the marina

20-strong fleet of VQ powerboats

An excellent waterfront dining experience is often enhanced by views of one or more of the 20-strong fleet of VQ powerboats who have their home berth in this region and enjoy making the most of the Duryea’s private marina. The event had a great turn-out with Vanquish founder Tom Steentjes welcoming 15 Vanquish yachts and their owners. It was an excellent chance for our clients to meet each other and exchange stories about their Vanquish experiences. 

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