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VQ54 now available with two or three cabins

The VQ54 with its tender garage has been well received throughout the world. The convenience of an on board tender is immediately obvious when going to shore to pick up or drop off passengers or run an errand. Despite its length, this aluminium model is highly agile and has the power to accelerate very quickly. The double spray rail keeps the occupants dry even at very high speeds, and the hull guarantees incomparable cruising comfort.

To meet the needs of those wishing to accommodate more guests overnight, a new layout has been designed with an additional extra comfortable cabin for two people – partly with standing headroom – bringing the total overnight capacity up to four. A second new option is to also add a third cabin for a crew member.

Together with the substantial amount of space on deck, which can accommodate up to 20 people, and the extensive bimini opportunities, this yacht is ideal for longer weekend trips with more friends and family.

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