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What is the new VanQraft 16

We’ve already received a number of orders for the innovative and highly acclaimed VanQraft 16, with construction now underway. The VanQraft 16 is a crossover between a race boat, a tender and other water scooter, offering the best of all three worlds.

The bold lines of the VanQraft 16 give her a dynamic look, while its go-kart sailing properties guarantee the performance which VQ yacht owners have come to expect. You have a complete choice when it comes to the colour of the scooter and the material and colour of the seats. We can design your VanQraft 16 in the same colours and trim as your VQ yacht too, making them instantly identifiable as a pair even to the casual observer. Another option that makes the VanQraft 16 so attractive is that we can build a dedicated garage for one onboard your VQ yacht. Special eye mounts can be fitted so that you can lift your VanQraft 16 onto a VQ60 or 75.

New VanQraft 16

As we aim to fully meet the individual needs of all customers, VQ Yachts offers the VanQraft 16 with three types of propulsion, namely petrol, diesel or electric. It can carry up to six people. The Veloce version offers the VanQraft 16 55+ knots of power.

Having said all that, we’re still not completely sure how best to describe the VanQraft 16. Would you call it a water scooter, a sports tender, a watercraft, a race tender… Or something else altogether? We would appreciate your help with deciding on a definitive description. Please send your ideas to, with the words ‘VQ16 product name’ as the subject of your email.

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